Salon Services

Colour Services


Semi-Permanent Roots£35

Bleach Roots£48

Full Head Semi£42.50

Full Head Tint £42.50

Tint Between Foils£29

Full Head Bleach£46

Half T-Section£25


T-Section Long£46

Half Head Foils | Short Hair £57

Half Head Foils | Medium Hair £62

Half Head Foils | Long Hair£66

Full Head Foils | Short Hair£68

Full Head Foils | Medium Hair £76

Full Head Foils | Long Hair£80

Full Head Colour£46

Tint Between Colour£35

Weave and Leave£42.50

Colour Stripping£35-36


Cutting & Styling


Cut & Blowdry£55

Wet Cut£42.50

Dry Cut£32

Blowdry Short Hair£28

Blowdry Long Hair£34

TreatmentsRange Between £5 - £15

Bridal Hair£60

Bridal Practice£45

Hair Up£45


Fringe Trim£5

Blast Dry£5

Great Length Bonded Extensions Priced on Consultation

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