Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Hair With Our Top Tips

A woman after visiting the hairdressers in Barnstaple enjoying the wind

It’s official, winter is coming, and with that comes the cold weather, rainy days and big thick jumpers. Whether you love the colder seasons or simply can’t stand them, you and your hair will need a special regime of care to make it through! We’re here today to offer our top tips on keeping your hair in prime condition all year around:


1. Get Protected
Although we’d all love to be able to stay out of the wind and the rain altogether, this simply isn’t an option for most of us. So, to keep your hair protected from the brutal winds and heavy rainfall, you might have to learn to love a hat or a scarf! Take your pick from cosy bobble hats or chunky knits; these will help to protect your hair and scalp whilst also keeping you warm. Learn to embrace somewhat of a ‘bed head’ and opt for a messy look to work with the hat hair look.

2. Stay Hydrated
The warmth of the summer almost forces us to drink plenty of water each and every day. As soon as the warmth starts to fade, however, we’re all guilty of opting for a warming cup of hot chocolate or a tea rather than a glass of water! Ensure that you stay hydrated to keep your hair in peak condition, and try to drink the recommended 2L a day. This will not only help to keep your scalp hydrated, but can also work wonders on your skin and overall health!

3. Dry Your Hair
This tip will help both your hair and your health; never leave home with wet hair. In the autumn and winter months, your hair will struggle to dry naturally due to the increase in moisture in the air and the colder temperatures. Your head is a key source of heat to your body, so if your hair is wet and your scalp is cold, you are leaving yourself open to picking up an irritating illness. Although down in Devon the weather isn’t too extreme, if your hair is wet and hits low temperatures it causes breakages which we’re sure you’d like to avoid at all costs!

4. Get a Trim
Getting your hair cut on a regular basis is a must-do all year round to keep split ends at bay and ensure your locks stay shiny and healthy. The wintery weather can make your hair dryer and more brittle than at other times of the year, particularly at the ends, so you’ll need to have your hair cut frequently throughout this period to help your hair through!

5. Be Experimental
With the elements playing havoc outdoors, this can leave any ‘hair down’ styles in a whirlwind, and you’ll hit your destination looking like you’ve just walked through a hurricane! This means that you might need to be a little more experimental with your hair-up styles, but this can be a very enjoyable process! Plaits have been all the rage this year, and this trend looks like it will be continuing into 2018, so embrace the braids and work a double Dutch, a fancy French or a fabulous fishtail. If you aren’t yet a pro at plaits, then why not set yourself a challenge to learn? Come summer 2018, your skills will certainly be up to scratch!

6. Treat Your Hair
Treat your hair to something special every now and then to keep it in tip top condition. We offer a range of tailored Kerastase treatments at our hairdressers in Barnstaple, which can cater to all different types of hair. You’ll enjoy a relaxing head massage, and your hair will be refreshed, full of life and feeling healthy once you’re done! These treatments can be done not only as part of a haircut or colour but also as a special individual treat so get in touch today to book in for your winter hair care treatment!

7. Moisturising Products
It’s all about keeping up the moisture levels in your hair during the winter, so it is essential that your shampoo, conditioner and any other products are up to the job. You may find that a shampoo and conditioner with added natural oils help to keep the dryness at bay, and then finish your style with a few drops of finishing oil for a glossy shine. Don’t skimp on the conditioner, and leave it to soak into your hair for a few minutes before rinsing for the best results! If you’re unsure about which product will work best for your hair, don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser for a little advice!

8. Switch to Silk
Silk is your hairs best friend; it can help to tame fly always, fight the frizz and stop the static. Switch out your cotton pillow covers for silk alternatives, and this will help both your skin and your hair to retain a good level of moisture. If you’re a hat lover in the winter, why not line your hat with a layer of silk? This will help to keep your style in place underneath and tackle any static which may occur.

9. Steer Away from the Heat
Drying your hair is of great importance in the winter as mentioned to keep the cold away, however, excessive use of heat products such as straighteners can be very damaging and overly drying. Try to make the most of heatless hairstyles during the autumn and winter months where you can. Also, when washing your hair, try to use luke warm water, rather than very hot temperatures. Then, if you can bear it, run a splash of cold water over the ends after your washing routine to close the cuticle!

How do you make it through the winter with your hair? If you’ve got any top tips, we’d love to hear from you!