Are You Using The Right Hairbrush?

A black, rounded hair brush with synthetic bristles

When it comes to haircare, you may be all on top of picking and choosing the right products to use on your hair. Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner is the first step in maintaining a healthy head of hair, and if you’re beginning to dabble in using the right range of aftercare products at home to keep your colour looking its best, then that is even better! However, sometimes you can be so focused on the additional extras that you have incorporated into your haircare routine that you can forget the impact that using the incorrect hairbrush can have.


There are so many hair brushes available on the market. Despite this, however, not all can be used on every type of hair. Below, we discuss some of the most commonly found brushes and give you a breakdown on whether they’re the right choice for you!


The Paddle Brush

This brush is most effective on those with mid to long hair, thanks to the size of the paddle. One of the main functions of this brush is for evenly distributing the hairs natural oils amongst the strands of hair. Without generating much static, you can find that this is the best brush to create a straight hairstyle and that the brush is also perfect for blow-drying!


Typically, this brush is quite large but can be made from a variety of different materials such as plastic, timber or ceramic.


The Vented Brush

If you find that you often struggle blow-drying your hair when you are in a rush, then the vented brush could be for you! Thanks to the helpful slits in the typically plastic brush, a heated stream of air can flow through the brush and to the hair. In addition to this, the vented brush is also perfect for those who are wishing to add some volume to their short to medium length hair.


Another one of the perks from this brush is that the plastic material makes it easy to clean, allowing your brush to stay in top condition. The small, ball-ended pins also allow the styling of the hair to be comfortable whilst using, which makes this a handy brush to have in your collection.


The Teasing Brush

For those of you who often feel as though your hair could do with a little extra help when it comes to creating volume, the teasing brush is the thing for you. How this brush works is by pushing back layers of your hair to create tiny knots at the root, providing some lift and extra dimension to your look. This brush looks best when working as close to the scalp as possible, as the backcombed hair can then be smoothed over to finish the hairstyle.


The Round Brush

The rounded barrel of this next brush is what gives your hair the perfect amount of lift after a bouncy blow-dry. With this brush, you can create waves and soft curls, replicating that salon blow-dry at home. However, with practice, you can also create smooth styles by manipulating the hair in other ways. One of the perks of this brush is that you can buy them in different sizes, so no matter what hair length – there is one for you! In addition to this, the size of the barrel can also provide you with a different intensity of curl, so consider that carefully when you come to picking one of these brushes up!


The Rat-Tail Comb

Parting your hair is made simple with the use of a rat-tail comb. The flat nature of this comb works cohesively with the fine teeth to create the neatest parting possible. The elongated tail can be used to section the hair first, before running the finely toothed comb along the scalp, perfecting the desired look.


The Tangle Teezer

Over the past couple of years, the Tangle Teezer has become a cult favourite in homes everywhere thanks to the easy nature of de-tangling even the knottiest of hair. The plastic bristles of the brush work through the hair, gently separating strands in order to remove knots that normal brushes would have attempted to pull out.


One of the benefits of a Tangle Teezer is that it is suitable for all hair types, so no matter whether you have thick, thin, hair extensions or heavily bleached hair, this will dramatically reduce hair breakage as a result of knots!


These are just a few of our favourite brushes here at Forty Nine & Fifth. If you’re looking for more inspiration or guidance, pop into our hair salon Barnstaple, where we can advise you further on the best options for your hair.