Your Guide to the Perfect Blow Dry

A salon-quality blow dry created at home

This festive season, your schedule might be getting more hectic by the minute! With a list longer than your arm of things that you need to organise and arrange before December 25th, a trip to your hairdressers to get a blow dry might be the last thing you have time for.

While you may be finding it difficult to plan a visit to your favourite stylist, creating a salon-quality blow dry at home may be easier than you think. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to pull off a style that will last until you’re next available. So, take a look at our guide below and look forward to giving your hair some well-deserved attention.

Step one

After washing your hair with a combination of your favourite products, wrap your hair in a towel to remove any excess water. This will remove the initial water from your hair and will make it quicker when it comes to creating the style.

Step two

Now is the time to add any volumising products to your hair. Keep these as close to the roots as possible, as distributing the product in the ends of the hair will weigh the style down.

Step three

Blast your hair all over with a hairdryer. For you to get the perfect blow dry, you need your hair to be 75% dry first. Not only will this save you time, but it will make it easier for the style to stay in your hair, increasing the longevity of it. During this stage, it is essential to try and get as much volume in your hair as possible, so use your hands to comb up your roots and blow-dry.

Step four

Section the hair into several sections. Placing the nozzle onto your hair dryer, select a big, rounded brush; the larger the brush, the smoother the overall appearance of the hair will look. Ensuring that your hairdryer has the nozzle is paramount, as it will direct the heat onto the cuticle to further give the appearance of smooth hair. At this stage, the key is not to use the hairdryer on a high temperature. The air emitted should be comfortable enough on the back of your hand.

The sections that gather the most attention are those at the front and on the top of your head, so practice from the back and move your way around.

Starting at the root of your hair, roll the brush down towards the ends before taking it back up to the roots, keeping the tension between the brush and your scalp. This motion will allow the hair to heat up before forming the soft wave that you are looking to achieve. When rolling the hair in the direction of your roots, loop the brush in circles so that the hair curls around itself. This takes some practice but is the central element of the style. Remember, practice makes perfect and that it will take some time to achieve the ideal look.

Step five

Repeat step four around your head on two-inch sections each time. Using sections of this size will give your hair a swingy effect and will provide more volume.

Will you be giving the blow dry a try this festive season? If so, share your photos with us on social media! For those of you who are still not brave enough and in Barnstaple, hair stylists at our salon will be willing to give you the look you desire, so get in touch and book an appointment today!