2018 Hair Trends

A girl on the beach with a new hair cut

Now is the perfect time for a hair transformation! With January finally coming to an end, it’s time to discover whether or not you’ve stuck to your new year’s resolutions, or if the “new year, new me” phrase has been thrown out of the window. The start of 2018 is the perfect time for a change, but while you may be finding it difficult to stick to some of the promises you made with yourself, there are a few alterations that you can make to your life this year.

Here at Fortynine & Fifth, we believe that looking at hair inspiration is one of the best ways to find a style that you love. Hair has the ability to hugely impact your confidence, so opting for a ‘do’ that emphasises those facial features that you love is essential. If you’re wondering how to find a style that will compliment your face shape, we recently wrote a blog post which can be found here that includes more information. There are a number of timeless cuts which will never go out of style, from a simple bob to layers. With this in mind, however, if you’re really feeling like embracing the new year, now is the right time to try a 2018 style!

Changing your hair is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of current trends and doesn’t have to involve a complete re-style (unless you want it to)! From trying a new colour to adding in some choppy layers, hair is an inexpensive method of keeping ahead of the curve. Here at Fortynine & Fifth, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite forecasted styles to provide you with some hair inspiration for the upcoming year!



Soft, sweeping fringes have been making a comeback over the past year but are here to stay! Everyone has been giving them a go recently, and it’s easy to see why. Rethink what you currently know about fringes to bring this look up-to-date; gone are heavy block fringes which are hard to maintain and in are curtain fringes which frame your face to perfection. The key to this look is ensuring that it looks effortless and requires minimal styling time. Not only is this look ultra-feminine, but also gives you a mysterious edge.


Low pony

We told you that embracing new looks didn’t have to take that much effort! Low ponytails are back in, with scrunchies a must-have on your list of hair products you need. Try sweeping your hair back into this style while your hair is parted in the centre for the ultimate un-done look.



The latter part of 2018 saw some of Hollywood’s biggest stars make the transformation from brunette to blonde, and this was just the start of what is to come. Replacing light, platinum shades with a dirty blonde gives you a warmer complexion and is easier to upkeep. Wave goodbye to unattainable bleached hair and hello healthy, happy roots!



Another item to add to your accessories list for the year. Double barettes are a style that graced the catwalks last year and have now made their way off the runway and into highstreet stores. Opt for brass, copper and gold choices if you’re wanting to mimic your favourite designer style, placing them just above each temple to achieve the look!



The bigger, the better. Curls and texture made it onto the hair scene again last year, with more and more people embracing the natural textures of their hair. Expect to see a plethora of products hit the stands for you to help maintain your curves, curls and waves.


If you’re considering a hair cut in Barnstaple, why not pop into the store to see how we can help you accomplish it? Here at Fortynine & Fifth, we have a range of spectacular stylists who are ready to transform your hair.