Spring-inspired Hair Colours

A girl standing on a road watching the sunset

Here at Fortynine and Fifth, we’ve written a few blogs about the importance of hair transformations in increasing your self-confidence. If you’ve recently been feeling inspired to do something new with your hair, why not take the plunge and do it with the change of the seasons? Spring is the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle, as the colder months (hopefully) begin to change and get warmer. The darker shades that people opt for as autumn transitions into winter start to gradually get replaced by warm blonde tones, as well as some more adventurous shades.

We believe that hair is one of the easiest ways to switch up your look. If you’ve ever been tempted by a bubblegum, pastel pink, why not give it a go now? Below, we’ve included a list of a few of our favourite colours that we think will be popular over the coming season, so take a look and get inspired!


Rose gold hair

If you’re looking for the perfect transitional shade to take you from winter into spring, then a rose gold style may be just what you’re looking for. Just named L’Oreal Paris’ colour of the year, we believe that this will be a shade that pops up a lot over the course of 2018. With warm undertones, this is a more subtle approach to the pastel pink trend that first emerged a couple of years ago. If you’re wondering about the upkeep of this colour, consider a more balayage version of the look, keeping the roots your natural colour before slowly incorporating rose gold tones into the look.

Beachy highlights

Sometimes, colouring your hair can seem a bit daunting, especially if it is your first time. Adding in some lighter tones to your hair can, however, be a fantastic way of trying something new without having a complete switch up. This spring, having a few strands of your hair lightened can brighten up your look, especially if you add in a few to frame your face. This is a versatile style that doesn’t require much upkeep and allows you to keep your natural hair colour as your base.


Pearl blonde

Have you ever wanted to rock a silver ‘do but are worried about it being too harsh for your features? If so, pearly blonde is the perfect alternative. With platinum undertones, the pearlescent element makes this a look which is more wearable in day-to-day life, and is slightly softer than bright white locks!



Strawberry blonde has never looked this good. Coppery undertones warm up this look and works amazingly for pink complexions. The combination of red and blonde fuse together to offer a shade which is almost ginger.



For the brunette babes amongst you, the rich intensity of mocha is wonderful if you’re looking for a slight change to your usual, intense brown. The glossy tones also work well with your existing base colour, adding dimension into your locks. Creating warmth by incorporating a few mocha tones is something that you’ll be seeing a lot of this spring, and we completely understand why!


If any of these have taken your fancy, why not pop into our salon to find out more information. Here at Fortynine and Fifth, we have experts in hairdressing in Barnstaple and will strive to make your hair every inch of fabulous as you are.