Your Guide to Festival Hair Care

With summer fast approaching, festival season is just around the corner. However, despite the fun that is bound to ensue, the heat, the sun rays and often having no access to a shower for several days means that your hair can sometimes struggle with the change in conditions.

Festivals are your time to get adventurous with your look and try something new; often this means incorporating some glitter or perhaps a new hair accessory that you found while scouring Pinterest. While both of these are fun and are the perfect excuse to snap the perfect selfie for your Instagram, they can both take their toll on your locks. However, with a little bit of planning before packing your bags, you can make sure that you’ve got the best head of hair at the festival!


Before you leave

Pampering before a festival is not only beneficial for your skin but can also prepare your hair for what’s to come. On the run-up to the days before you leave, a rich conditioning hair mask can help lock in some extra moisture. This will allow your hair to feel smoother for longer, as the change in conditions can often leave it looking slightly frazzled. Besides, a hair mask will help prevent any long-lasting damage, so it is a worthwhile investment.


Another way in which you can help your hair to look as good as possible for the duration of the festival is by leaving washing it until the last minute possible. This will keep it fresh and is perfect if you’re planning to braid your hair; plaiting when slightly damp will bind the strands together a little more than usual, making the process somewhat easier for you!


Lastly, a lot of pictures will be taken while you’re having the time of your life, so it is time to consider whether or not you need to pop into our salon for a hair cut or colour in Barnstaple. Giving your hair a new lease of life through a trim will see you through the festival with the best head of hair.


At the festival

Upon arriving, you’ll be preoccupied with the festivities that are taking place in front of you to worry about your hair. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is to stop touching your hair whenever possible, as over-touching your locks will make them greasy, and without guaranteed access to a shower, this could leave it looking a little lacklustre for the duration of the weekend.


On the first day, your hair is at its best, so make the most of it! Try not to use any products on this day so that your hair won’t feel clogged up, as this will get uncomfortable if you’re blessed with a bit of heat! On this day, loose waves will make your hair have a bit of body and will come in handy on the second day if you’re planning on putting your hair in a bun, as the texture will help it to hold in place.


After the first day, a decent dry shampoo will help remove some of the added shine that your hair may have accumulated. From dancing in the heat, your scalp will sweat which can result in your hair looking a little greasy. Day two is the perfect time to experiment with hair accessories such as hair bands and scrunchies and can complete your festival fashion look.


If you know you’re going to have access to a shower, adding glitter to your parting on day two can help disguise any hair mishaps you may be having. With this in mind, however, glitter roots are a commitment and may take a while to get out of your hair, so proceed with caution. If you’re unsure of how thoroughly the glitter will wash out, leave this until the last day so that it can be washed out once home!


Braids are a firm favourite amongst festival goers, and it’s easy to see why! They are a quick and simple fix to any hair issues that you may be having. Whether the dry shampoo isn’t cutting it for you or you’re struggling to see with your hair flopping around in front of your face while dancing, braids can sweep the hair back from your face and look good in the process.


There are many different hair braid styles that you can try, with the internet the perfect place to look for some hair inspiration. If you’re still finding the process difficult, take a look at our helpful guide here and get practising. If you’re fortunate, one of your festival friends may be able to help you out with plaiting your hair, but it is useful to learn how to do it yourself just in case!


After the festival

So, you’ve just returned home. While your several days away from a shower have left you looking a bit worse for wear, hopefully, your hair isn’t looking too bad at this point! One of the biggest problems that you may be facing is knots; sleeping on the floor of your tent can cause your hair to form thick knots, which are only made worse from the static from your sleeping bag! Using a detangler brush is one of the best ways to tackle this and will cut down brushing time tremendously! However, for those smaller, peskier knots, a fine tooth comb can help separate each strand of hair for you.


After brushing out as many of the knots as possible, it is time for deep conditioning. Slather on the conditioner and leave to soak into your hair while you shower before washing it out. Or, in more extreme circumstances, a leave-in conditioner can help revive your dry and dull hair.