How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Is there anything better than when summer finally comes around? Gone are the dark mornings where you’ve dragged yourself out from your bed and banished are the dreary evenings where you’re restricted to the confines of your house. Instead, barbecues with your friends and sunbathing on the beach dominate your weekends, and we can’t be happier about it.

Do Hair Supplements really Work?

Hair supplement pills and a smoothie

Over the past couple of years, Instagram has become saturated with sponsored posts and advertisements for products that we’ve all been dubious as to whether or not they work. The rise of the influencer has been incredible, and their status amongst online communities has become a powerful tool for advertisers. However, the quality of the products that have been plastered …

Summer Hair Care Tips

A girl outside against a flowering bush with long hair ready for the summer months

Now that spring has sprung and the weather is (hopefully) going to begin to get warm, it’s time to think about your hair options for the coming months. With the sun shining in the sky for longer each day, it’s time to ditch the warm, autumnal shades and consider opting for a lighter, more summer-appropriate style! Whereas the the turn …