Summer Hair Care Tips

A girl outside against a flowering bush with long hair ready for the summer months

Now that spring has sprung and the weather is (hopefully) going to begin to get warm, it’s time to think about your hair options for the coming months. With the sun shining in the sky for longer each day, it’s time to ditch the warm, autumnal shades and consider opting for a lighter, more summer-appropriate style! Whereas the the turn …

Prepping Your Hair for New Year’s Eve

Two girls having their picture taken on New Year’s Eve

With Christmas upon us, your social calendar is probably more hectic than ever. While looking your best over the party season may seem to be the most important thing on your mind right now, have you actually considered the damage that your heated hair appliances are causing your hair?

Are You Using The Right Hairbrush?

A black, rounded hair brush with synthetic bristles

When it comes to haircare, you may be all on top of picking and choosing the right products to use on your hair. Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner is the first step in maintaining a healthy head of hair, and if you’re beginning to dabble in using the right range of aftercare products at home to keep your colour …